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There are many reasons why people seek therapy. Maybe your relationship is falling apart, or maybe you are depressed, anxious or lonely. Perhaps you have problems at your job or you've suffered a loss. Or maybe you're feeling stuck and don't know what to do with your life.

Whatever your reason, making the decision to start therapy is frequently brought on by a mixture of emotions. You don't have to deal with your feelings or concerns alone. Psychotherapy helps. It gives you an opportunity to heal from self-doubt and fears and to develop stronger, more effective ways of dealing with your emotions.

I have many years of experience as a psychotherapist, helping people with loss, relationships, self-esteem and life-direction. I'm warm, straight forward, kind and honest. I pay close attention to what you say, work to understand the issues you present, and guide you to become the strong, resilient person you want to be.

Other people's solutions will not necessarily be yours. By talking things through together, we can look at what is hurting you — from within and without — and find answers that are authentic to who you are.

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